Planning and designing = hits the goal with your stand at the fair!

Stand Felicia a CIBUS di Parma 2018
29 Maggio 2018
Progettazione stand: definire il modello
19 Settembre 2018

The planning of the exhibition space is the most important phase in the organization of a fair. It is essential to develop an original installation to attract visitors’ curiosity and attention!

Design steps:

TO ANALYZE .. what are the marketing objectives and the budget to dedicate to the fair.

TO THINK ABOUT .. on what you want to communicate, how to present the production and commercial philosophy of your company

RESPECTED THE REGULATIONS .. the exhibition organizations imposes detailed rules; consider the size of the reserved area and the future division of the interior spaces.

Only by relying on a competent and organized company as a Special Stand will you have the peace of mind of achieving the goal!

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